Here’s a full archive of blog posts, since the beginning of time… (well, since the beginning of the blog). You can also find my poetry archive, here.



04       Sh*t, I’m 29 today.


17       Am I bipolar?

15       My ridiculously high expectations

05       Living as a highly sensitive person (HSP)

02       My inner critic


27       Winging it.

24       Why I don’t feel like an adult

18       Making time for family

13       Are weekend lie-ins a good thing?

10       Getting out of my ‘social comfort zone’

06       Going to sleep in one mood, waking up in another

04       A rare evening with my parents


30       The importance of routine for a messy guy

27       Was I born in the wrong era?

23       A confession: the reason I started going to the gym (vs now)

20       The desire to travel vs staying put

16       My relationship with my parents

13       Do I have social anxiety?

7         I quit my job, then got depressed.

4         My fascination with snow

2         I got ghosted after a job offer


28       Phone calls vs Whatsapp

25       An irresponsible weekend

22       #MedsWorkedForMe is trending on Twitter

21       Introducing: Cute Gym Girl

19       The time I flirted with a married woman (and it back-fired)

18       Friday night swingin’

15       Valentine’s Day