poem: i’m on the train

I’m on the train,

On my phone playin,

Trying not to make eye contact,

Unspoken rules.

You know what I’m saying.

No one can blame a guy,

For wishing things on here were different.

Where we didn’t have to pretend to be so distant,

And were allowed to strike up a conversation in an instant.

Instead we’re like infants,

Glued to our screens & toys,

No talking to the other girls or boys.

To think these journeys could bring more joy.

So I continue to be a passenger,

On the train and in this carriage.

Not allowed to talk to the girl in this carriage,

No wonder we need apps like Tinder for marriage.

Not that I’d say hi to her anyway,

I’d just like to act on impulse if I may,

And say something or not,

Either way.

– – – – –

Written by,


✏ Written: Thursday, April 26th 2018

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4 thoughts on “poem: i’m on the train

  1. Sometimes I think people on the train want to talk to someone. But they too are bound by social convention or fear of nothing good to say, or not wanting to bother others.

    If I were the girl on the train I’d want to talk to someone too. Isn’t it ironic?

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    1. Exactly, right. I had my first day in a new office yesterday – and many don’t even make eye contact… it’s a shame.


      1. Well.. I do that too. Because I feel like I’m making them feel uncomfortable so I just look straight ahead and avoid eye contact.

        Though I imagine I would feel unwelcome on my first day at work if no made eye contact or smiled.

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