Friday night swingin’

Today was Friday, and it was a pretty good day. I had an interview at lunchtime which went well; it’s just a part-time voluntary role that covers travel expenses, but it’s with an organisation doing something I care about (animal welfare) and helping with media/comms – i.e. stuff I’ve not done before as a job. So a great learning opportunity, and doing something I care about in an area I want to gain experience in. Result.

I then met a friend I’d not seen for a few months, Girl N. Girl N was actually a client of mine, and we shared a similar journey working on ourselves and with our transitioning into different careers. She’s great, and it’s cool to see our friendship growing each time we meet.

I met her @ the British library, which is somewhere I’d never been. Wow, it’s a big place. And the sun was out! I’d brought my laptop, and I ended up staying to do some work.

Environment and ambience is really important for me when getting sh*t done, and I liked the energy of the place. Despite this being a completely new place, where I was sat on a small table opposite Girl N in a cafe with other folks all say around on their own little tables and in their little booths – I’m normally pretty perceptive of my environment #sensitivity – I whacked my headphones in, turned a ‘nature sounds’ video on on YouTube, and boshed some work out. Boom.

AT around 4.30ish, I got a whatsapp from Girl J. Remember her from Valentine’s Day? When we’d been whatsapping earlier in the day, I happened to mention I was on the way into town for my interview. She messaged if I was still in town, and fancied dinner. She suggested a place she knew that was roughly equidistant for us both.

I left Girl N at the library and hopped onto a bus. I had an idea. With low battery, I rang this place I’d heard of that I wanted to check out. I couldn’t book, we just had to turn up and hope for the best.

She beat me to it to the original restaurant we’d planned to meet at, and I asked her if she fancies some spontaneity. She said “yes”. Boom.

I told her the Tube Station we were going to (Liverpool Street) and kept the rest a surprise. Using her iPhone to navigate (mine was low on fuel), we somehow made it to the place using Apple Maps, which is terrible – just sayin’.

The place was called Swingers, and I enjoyed what looked like a mixture of confusion and concern when she saw the name. She assured me she only momentarily considered that I’d taken her to some sex party, before thinking that I definitely wouldn’t do that, and then thinking that we’d be playing on swings.

Swingers is, in fact, a mini-gold bar/restaurant place. It’s really cool. The vibe is great, the food is good, and the staff are really friendly. Recommended for sure.

We had an hour to eat which turned out to be ideal (and lucked out as the next ‘tee-off’ time for one of the two 9-hole courses was after 11pm). We had a great night. I know Girl J better than I do Girl N and, like with her (Girl N), the more I see her (Girl J) the closer our friendship gets. She’s really easy to be around, we can talk and relax and chill. There doesn’t seem to be any awkwardness. It’s cool. Tonight she also shared some stuff about a crazy-ex-stalker-boyfriend too. I also told her about my never having had a girlfriend, which I think had also come up previously, but I thought I’d re-iterate and ‘put myself out there a bit’ as she’d trusted me with telling me something which was personal to her.

After golf (I failed to let her win – whoops), which was a good laugh, we sat down and had tap water (we’d both had a drink earlier and that’s all we fancied. PS. future me 24 hours later… you should’ve taken notes mate) whilst I used her charger to replenish my battery).

We walked to the action, hugged and went our separate ways.

Really good night. Really good day.

Oh, and on the walk to the station I casually asked if she’d gotten any flowers on Valentine’s Day (on Valentine’s Day, I’d sent a virtual sunflower on whatsapp). She said she did, with what seemed like a knowing, appreciative look. A sunflower.

I’m really starting to think she didn’t receive that anonymous poem I tried to send her though. I feel she would have mentioned it to me – this is what I’d been fishing for when I asked her about receiving flowers.

I’m looking forward to getting to know Girl J more.

A spontaneous dinner, which became spontaneous mini-golf, with fun conversation and banter that flowed all night. Plus laughter and some intimate chat.

I might be onto something here.

✏️ Written: Saturday, February 17th 2018 @ 0.40am

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